Click on the image painted by a human!

You will be shown 10 pairs of pictures. In each pair, one is painted by a human and another one is generated by artificial intelligence based on a photo and a style of a painter. Click on a picture painted by a human.

Your result is 0/10!

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This test is inspired by the famous Turing test, which checks if people are able to distinguish a human being in a brief conversation. Here we want to test the visual assessment. Images were generated using the method described in the article of Leon Gatys, Alexander Ecker and Matthias Bethge. Each computer-generated painting is generated from a photo and a style image provided by users of DeepArt website. Read more about Turing test. Check the results so far.


Please find below the real paintings on left (red frame) and computer-generated ones on right (green frame)!
Leroy Neiman "Mickey Mantle"
Leonid Afremov "Late stroll"
John Singer Sargent "White Ships"
Claude Monet "Antibes, View of Salis"
SillyJellie "Venus Incarnate"
Andrew Atroshenko "Christina"
Author unknown
Author unknown
Tranh tinh vat "Tuy tinh nhung lai Dong"
Francoise Nielly

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